The initiation of from student to student

Between ambition and reality


The idea of (from student to student) was Originated in 2007 in order to establish the concept of social solidarity to support the Palestinian university and school students, especially the poor ones , and extend The range of social solidarity through adopting university students and supporting them in securing their university premiums. The initiation aims to convince private companies to pay premiums of university students in need of help, and in return the student beneficiary from those scholarship teaches a group of poor students in schools in order to raise the level of educational attainment


For example, a poor college student studying mathematics specialization at Birzeit University was helped, he Committed to teach from 4-6 poor school students in his community, and thus the number of beneficiaries of the scholarship, which is 500$-1000$ and for 6 months (a semester), was doubled and Distributed, so that school students achievement improved and the scholarship is renewed again.



With this, the idea of the initiation break the cycle of reproduction of poverty depends on the use of education; to give students in the universities equal opportunities in higher education especially the poor’s. After four years of work in the shadows, “From student to student” group started to work in the glow soon after it was confirmed that the idea was applicable. the initiation started in a new campaign with many national, private, as well as civil institutions participated in working to support and develop it … Aramix , represented by Mr. Fadi Ghandour, founder and CEO of Aramix, was the first company that provides a great support for the initiation by adopting university students by providing university Premiums for the current semester , also we would to thank all the libraries that gave stationery for beneficiaries of the initiation.



And in terms of numbers, we can say that “From student to student” initiation has up to date assisted more than 250 university poor students to pay their university Premiums with the help of private companies distributed on several Universities (An-Najah National University, Al-Quds Open University, Abu Dis University, Hebron University , Birzeit University, Palestine Boltkink University, Bethlehem University, University of Palestine civil, University of the Islamic University in Gaza), the initiation has also assisted more than 1000 School students of the poor by raising their educational attainment by the efforts of the university students who were helped in West Bank and Gaza Strip.



This creativity idea will be able to give and complete the way without hesitating in trying to reach its goal of achieving the better Palestinian Society and especially what concerns the education of the poor people at all levels, whether in schools or in universities and in order to fight poverty in Palestine . we hope from decision makers to work on Dissemination of the idea to all interested parties that offer scholarships in Palestine in order to double the number of beneficiaries of these scholarships, and also we hope from all private foundations ,profit institutions ,and civil society’s institutions to adopt this idea and provides all the support.



Jihad shojaeha

The General coordinator for the initiation of “from student to student