New Palestinian   Youth    Achievement on   the Arab world level

Isnad obtains Takreem  award  ” Innovation in Education ” 2013

15-11-2013, Paris, France.   Palestinian   youth   approve    that  they   are  in the  beginning inspire  of  the   difficult conditions   they   live under  the  occupation    and    daily oppression . The youth activist Jihad Shojaeha  obtains Takreem  award  ” Innovation in Education ” 2013 for   the   idea of  initiative from   student  to    student   . He applies this idea in the Palestinian lands in  aim of  helping  universities and schools students. The idea uses the education  as tool  to fight the poverty.

The initiator, Jihad   Shojaeha, dedicates this prize for the Palestinian youth particularly the universities and schools students who form the biggest part in the Palestinian community. The idea of initiative , form student to student, bass on double the scholarship through re-administration it in anew way.Where as every university student  who has  the scholarship  to volunteer during teaching four school student who have low academic  achievement. By this the scholarship is doubled wich include one university and four school student each time.

The idea achieves many international and Arab prizes the “Synergos” Prize of Social Leadership in the Arab World ,“Ashoka” fellowship in 2011, and the prize of the King Abid Aullah ll for youth excellence and creation “for the semi final stage “.

The Palestinian for supporting the students manages volunteer for many scholarship which provided by the Palestinian foundations and companies ,the  scholarship of  Aramex, Foundation of Hani Qaddumi for one year in an experimental stage and  Foundation  of Palestinian Telecommunication Group for the development of a pilot phase for a year .”