This time, it comes true


hanenaliSince I was child , I have been dreaming of going to the College of Dentistry, I put all my efforts , worked hard , and I was the best hard studying student until I have got the score required for that specialty. In spite of the simple and restricted potentials and situation of my family ,they did not stop in the way of my ambitions ,my eyes were filled with tears when I heard about the high college expenses, nonetheless, I was hopeful that my education will go on , thanks to God and for charity providers that helps everybody who wants to study.



I used to read daily newspapers , hoping that I can get some help . On an occasion , I noticed the initiation of “ from student to student, then I filled the form . I felt strong and got the feeling of cooperation .In fact , it inspired me to help the poor school students , even if I did not get it .



One day’s morning , my phone rang , and I was told that I got the initiation of “ from student to student ,thanks God . I have got it this semester ,too . Then, I have begun to look for my students who are interested in knowledge , need help and guidance . In the end , I have found Sabreen and Noor Mohsen who are complaining of studying difficulties , nevertheless, they insist to study , yet , have not found anyone to help them.



I was incredibly glad because I felt that these two students who like to learn but are being ignored because of their circumstances . How happy and confident they were !! You are going to teach us ?! You will be our teacher ?!” They said again and again “ . Their mother was very pleased , because she had found someone to help her . This is how the beginning with the kids was .



As a result of teaching them , I have got more self-worth . Moreover , I have become more cooperative and generous . In addition , I have acquired new discussion approaches . I felt very pleased when they got better as a result of my efforts in teaching them. They have improved at school and society , too. What a great sensation I had when I noticed the shininess of her eyes ,and I felt the warm of her hands , holding mine while she was thanking me for my kindness .



I consider the efforts of everybody who works for or contributes in the initiation of “ from student to student “ who supporting the education field and help the poor students in Palestine.



Haneen khaled Ali

Al-quds – abu Dees university Faculty of Dentistry .